Here’s what our customers have been saying about Yard-Nique:

When I moved to Raleigh 12 years ago, I had an irrigation system installed and began searching for an irrigation company. I spent a lot of time listening to, and comparing, programs of several companies in this area. As I wrote you after selecting Yardnique, I felt that going with you was best for me. Gina was the absolute best with her answers and what seemed to be great service. Over many years, I enjoyed a very wonderful working relationship with her and her responses to my needs. I wrote and shared those feelings with you to which you responded. I was very sorry to learn that she was no longer with you. However, Anthony has fulfilled all the special requests I have had and has worked very hard at also meeting excellent customer service. I have told him that I am handicapped and take much time to get to the door and usually need to speak with whomever comes to do the service before he starts. I leave a note by the doorbell that the bell should be rung many times also. Anthony always calls and lets me know approximately when the person will come so that I can be prepared. Twice recently, he has called me in the evening to make sure that I am prepared for the next day; he lets me know that information when I would think most people have left work for the day. I have appreciated that extra caring and customer service. He tries his best to get me on the list early in the day so that I have time to hobble close to the door to be prepared and wait…and it always happens on time. Great!

Somehow along the way, one day Tahji appeared at my door, and I found what has to be the most unbelievable technician in this business. Forgive me if I have not used the correct title of your employees. To be honest, one time I had one of your employees stand on my back porch where the panel is and talk a long time on a personal call on his cell phone. Every time I went out to say something to him, he was still on the phone. I asked Gina to have someone else come the next time, and that’s when I “found” Tahji. He allows me to discuss my concerns about adjusting the sprays and concern that so many heads have been damaged by uncaring lawn services, of which I have had many. I have just today paid a bill of almost $100 to your company because when Tahji came recently, he found five broken ones. Just unreal for me. Tahji always remembers and asks about my health and has the most beautiful manners I have ever seen (I wish my grown son did so well!). It has been my good fortune to have Tahji come the last few years. He works so intently and conscientiously that I find it hard to believe. This is just another compliment for your employees from a very satisfied customer.

— Anne

Just a note to tell you how impressed I was with the crew that installed the Garden at my home recently. They were polite, efficient and clearly knew what they were doing.

Tyler, in particular, was exceptionally responsive when issues came up. He was effective with the crew, flexible with regard to some minor plan modifications and willing to get in there and get his hands (and clothes!) dirty.

It was a pleasure to work with them all! I have already recommended you to one of my friends for some work she is looking to have done.
— Jeanne

Yardnique not only keeps our community looking beautiful, but also helps keep it vibrant, getting involved in supporting community events. Recently I had the opportunity to work with our location manager, Allen Jones, to secure a donation for a Charity Silent Auction our Club was running. He quickly obtained approval and followed through, delivering an all season planter for the high bidder. In short, Yardnique is a great team, a good partner, and a pleasure to work with!
— Louise

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Joe’s team has been stepping up to make all the Stan Pac communities look their best under the extreme weather and tight time restrictions we have had. Especially in areas of the communities that were not ever in his care.
— Margot

I hope this e-mail reaches you because I never know if my computer is going to cooperate or not. I am one of your customers who lives in Wakefield. Several years ago after moving here from the D.C. area, I realized I needed to have an irrigation system installed due to the awful yard with which I ended up when I built my house. I went to the yellow pages to find a company to use for irrigation; and after many calls, I ended up selecting your company. It was definitely the right decision because I ended up speaking with Gina who is such an asset. As the initial person with whom the customer deals when making inquiries, it is so important to speak with someone who is pleasant, patient, informative, and courteous. Over the years, it remains the same. I am convinced that Gina “works like a Trojan,” is overwhelmed during the busy season with constant calls and customers needing something, but never has she been anything but amazing when I call. I believe there have been times when I drive her crazy over something (arranging dates, service, etc.), but she would never let me know it. I tell her all the time how lucky you are to have her there because her customer service is absolutely the best. I hope that someday I have an opportunity to meet her in person because we have spoken so often over the telephone, and she just seems like someone I would greatly enjoy knowing.

I retired from the Federal Government in D.C. before moving here eight years ago; and the last six years before retirement were spent working on the team which wrote all the rules and regulations that the Department of Veterans Affairs’ 172 hospitals had to live by in reference to customer service and quality improvement. I feel sure I know what good customer service is; and likewise, I assure you I know about the opposite. A company’s best impression is first, its employees with original contact with prospective customers. In addition to Gina, I have had Scott come out many times, and I find him to be quite good. I am convinced that I have one of the worst, most poorly installed systems in Raleigh, but somehow he makes it work. I’m sure I drive him crazy also; but like Gina, he deals with it very well.

In today’s business world, it seems to be hard to keep excellent employees. I sincerely hope that my relations with your company will remain as they have been–exceedingly wonderful–and that you will let your employees know how much I appreciate them and their hard work.

— A Very Satisfied Customer

We’d like to share a recent letter we received from the Falls River Landscape Committee:

“Dear Brian and Barrett, I just want to take a moment to express, on behalf of the Falls River Landscape Committee, our sincerest thanks to you, and to the wonderful crew of YardNique employees, who assisted us yesterday with hanging the Falls River holiday decorations.

Fidel, Antonio, and Juan met us at 9am at the bridge into the community, and worked tirelessly all day, with Keith, several volunteers, and me, to retrieve the decorations from the storage building, prepare the planters on the bridge for the holiday topiary change-out, and put the decorations up throughout Falls River. The three crewmembers were joined later in the day by Ramirez and Malachi, who pitched in immediately and provided wonderful extra help.

It was a full day of work to sort through the strings of lights, looking for spent bulbs, replacing those, and sometimes restringing garlands and wreaths with new sets of lights. The crew never ceases to amaze me in how much they remember about where things go from year to year, and just how they should be placed. Anytime someone had a question, it was always, “Check with Fidel…he knows!”

Many times, throughout the drizzly day, Fidel and his crewmembers came up with wonderful, new ideas that truly enhanced the beautiful decorating job. Suggestions such as putting up “Icicle Lights” around the Oakboro Park gazebo roof, rather than the single strand we used before, made the little building just glow with holiday spirit. Thanks to the guys’ efforts, we also have our lighted grapevine reindeer grazing again in the center area of the Falls River roundabout, and they are surrounded by up lighted evergreens—one tree is even decorated with little white lights, this year. (The latter, no small feat, since the tree is close to 20 feet tall!) The brick bridge into Falls River is just beautiful, with perfectly draped lighted garland and wreaths all along both sides.

Not only did the men do all of this lovely decorating, but they also attended to picking up litter, collecting and blowing leaves, and left everything in immaculate condition when the job was completed at 5pm. They, as always, are a pleasure to work with and make the work go smoothly and with a dash of great holiday spirit and fun. They are ever smiling and upbeat! Fidel even joked that he was going to plant some pansies right where one of the lighted grapevine deer was “grazing!” 😉

Thank you all, again, for another wonderful experience with installing the holiday decorations in Falls River. Thanks to your wonderful employees, YardNique has never failed to make a somewhat dreaded job a pleasure for those of us tasked with being Falls River’s “Decorating Elves!”

Wishing you all at YardNique a holiday season filled with meaning and the love of family and friends,

Michelle Porter, Chair, Falls River Landscape Committee”

First let me say ‘WOW… YOU GUYS ARE GOOD!!!”. I couldn’t believe how well everything went and how the end result looks!! If you ever need a reference – you’ll get a great one here! Your guys even blew and power washed the driveway… something I never expected to see! You exceed my expectations and many of my neighbors have already complimented the new yard!

— Dan W.

Your guy came by yesterday and took care of everything in good order. He was personable and professional. When finished you could not tell he had been here, very well done. Please extend our thanks and appreciation. I will certainly call your company again when we have a need.

— Thank you very much. H.D.

What a wonderful Falls River Garden Club’s “Kids’ Gardening Day” we had on Saturday, April 30, 2011, at Oakboro Park! It was such a success thanks to the participation of Yard-Nique and the other wonderful vendors and volunteers who made the day of fun and education for Falls River kids possible.

Your enthusiasm, excitement, and willingness to give of your time and resources are so very much appreciated. Tyler Motley, Kevin Bass, and Josh Clark did a wonderful job of setting up an eye-catching display about Yard-Nique and working with the kids to plant the Butterfly Garden in the park. All three young men were so easygoing and welcoming to the kids, and the children loved being able to dig in the dirt and plant the flowers right alongside those friendly, engaging landscapers! Please extend our thanks to them. They were great role models! It will be fun for the families to see the perennials come up each spring and see the butterflies flitting about the blooms.

Thank you, Barrett, for all of the planning and preparatory work that went into getting the flower beds prepped and for ordering the plants, as well as for getting the irrigation set up to see that they survive. Both beds look great and we had so many positive comments from people at the event.

The Yard-Nique drink “koozies” and other goodies at the display table were a big hit with the children, as well as with their moms and dads.

Thank you, again, so very much for being a part of our first Kids’ Gardening Day and for all you did to help make it possible. We are so fortunate to be able to work with you and your wonderful company.

— Warm Regards, Michelle and members of the Falls River Garden Club

I just wanted to commend the landscapers on their work. The community looks much nicer than this time last year, it looks great! The mulch looks much better.

— Graham

Also, I wanted to let you know that the people doing the yard maintenance are the best we’ve had since I have lived in the community.

— Thanks, Karen

I had a Board meeting Monday night and they asked me to pass along how many compliments they have received from various owners on the new landscaping company! Thanks!

— Cecilia

Frank,Just wanted to drop you and your guys a quick note to thank you for helping me out with the trees in my backyard. Everyone I’ve spoken with at Yard-Nique is always very professional including the guys that take care of the neighborhood.

— With Many thanks, Michael

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