Yard-Nique 2014 Bike MS – 10 Years in the Fight!

on Oct 20 in Giving Back

This September, Yard-Nique had the honor of sponsoring a team to ride in Bike MS: Historic New Bern Ride.

This is the 10th year Yard-Nique has sponsored a team to ride in the event, which raises funds to help fight Multiple Sclerosis, and every year we have more participants and raise more funds.  This year Team Yard-Nique raised over $35,000!

Here are some photos of Team Yard-Nique.

yardnique-bikems-2014-18 yardnique-bikems-2014-1 yardnique-bikems-2014-2 yardnique-bikems-2014-3 yardnique-bikems-2014-4 yardnique-bikems-2014-5 yardnique-bikems-2014-6 yardnique-bikems-2014-7 yardnique-bikems-2014-8 yardnique-bikems-2014-9 yardnique-bikems-2014-10 yardnique-bikems-2014-11 yardnique-bikems-2014-12 yardnique-bikems-2014-13 yardnique-bikems-2014-14 yardnique-bikems-2014-15 yardnique-bikems-2014-16 yardnique-bikems-2014-17

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