Being Yardnique

We’re Yardnique.

A landscaping company built on creating HOA better living environments.

Our core values make us a Yardnique family

Yardnique landscapes will always radiate the quality of the communities we serve

We are always extremely responsive, on-time and our work is always exceptional

We respect each other, our customers and the environment

We love what we do and wake up every day excited about our work

Serious customer commitments

  • We always deliver our services with passion, care and diligence
  • We guarantee stress-free relationships with HOA boards, property managers and builders
  • Services are customized to serve the unique landscaping needs of each HOA community
  • We will protect and enhance the HOA community environment

Who is Yardnique?

Yardnique specializes in HOA community landscape design, maintenance and preservation for HOA boards, property managers, and residential developers to protect the quality, lifestyle and environmental standards of their communities.  We delight homeowners, maximize curb appeal and enhance community value.

Yardnique began operations 1997 when Brian DuMont , the company founder and CEO, was a junior at NC State University pursuing his horticulture science degree. Providing landscape and yard maintenance services to residential customers as a means to for income while in school turned into a full-time business upon his graduation.

Today, Yardnique employs over 400 landscape and lawncare professionals and with its crews and bright orange trucks serving the unique needs of HOAs and community property managers across the southeastern United States. 

Everything we do, every blade of grass we touch, every hedge we trim and every community we enhance, you can be sure it will be genuinely Yardnique. And, our service to HOA communities stands above any other commercial landscape company in the industry.

A few pictures from the Yardnique family scrapbook

“Meet Ranger”

A beloved member of the
yardnique dog family.