Built to Honor – 9-11-2014

on Sep 14 in Giving Back

Yard-Nique is honored to be able to participate in Built to Honor; an amazing endeavor in which local home builders and contractors build homes for severely wounded combat veteran and their families. The homes are custom built to accommodate the specific needs of the disabled veteran, thus allowing them to lead as normal a life as possible following such a life changing event.

This year, Yard-Nique donated landscaping services to help build a new home for US Marine Corps Corporal Nathan Jakubisin who was injured in combat and now has an artificial leg.

In a special ceremony, held on September 11th, 2014, Built to Honor presented Corporal Jakubisin and his family with the keys to a custom built home.   In attendance, along with the volunteers and corporate donors, was the Mayor of Fuquay-Varina, John Byrne, and Pat McCrory, Governor of North Carolina.

Yard-Nique would like to thank everyone involved in building the home for Corporal Nathan and his family.  In addition Yard-Nique has donated our maintenance services to his new home as a tribute to say thank you for all he has done so we can live our lives in peace.

These are the kinds of things that make what we do every day worth it!

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Corporal Jakubisin Accepting Keys to His New Home
President /CEO Brian DuMont and Lead Designer Kelly Fortune Accepting Awards for Donations.
Brian Dumont, President /CEO and Kelly Fortune, Lead Designer Receive Award from John Byrne, Mayor of Fuquay-Varina, Pat McCrory, Governor of NC, and Mikkel Thompson of Pulte Homes for Assisting in Built to Honor Home for Corporal Jakubisin.

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