Japanese Beetles

on Jun 01 in Pest Control, Spring Agrinomics, Summer Lawn Care, Yard News

Summer is also a time when trees and shrubs are damaged by Japanese beetles. These insects feed aggressively on plants like roses, hydrangeas, crape myrtles, etc. We have applied a systemic insecticide deterrent in the late winter, early spring to protect against Japanese beetles. We are also applying a sprayable insecticide at the first signs of damage weekly you may also want to spray Sevin to supplement our regimen as rainfall diminishes the effectiveness of these products. Some neighbor- hoods still experienced severe Japanese beetle damage to their knock-out roses. Japanese beetles are migratory insects and it is impossible to control all Japanese beetle populations. The good news is Japanese beetle populations should be declin- ing in the coming weeks. The corrective measure we will be taking to repair the roses will be to first prune them back by 1/3. We will then fertilize them with a 14-14-14 nursery grade fertilizer. This will stimulate new growth and they should flush out within a few weeks.

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