Yard-Nique Expands To Atlanta Market

on Mar 09 in Press Articles, YN News

Yard-Nique is excited to announce the acquisition of Estes Landscape of Sharpsburg, Georgia, marking our expansion into the Atlanta, Georgia area.

This acquisition is the largest for Yard-Nique to date and adds a significant amount to our annual revenue; about $3.5 Million and gives us access to a whole new market in the South.

The acquisition was covered by landscapemanagement.net.  Check out the article here.

“I was really impressed with the company Rob Estes has developed and the team and leadership in place,” said Brian DuMont, president and CEO of Yard-Nique, to Landscape Management.

As part of the acquisition, the entire Estes team, including founder and previous owner Rob Estes, will stay on board.


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