When you specialize in HOAs, it means a little landscape love for the entire neighborhood.

At Yardnique, we not only promise stress-free relationships with HOA boards, property managers and residential developers – we guarantee it. It is the way we face every day, protecting and enhancing the HOA environment.

We always deliver our services with passion, care and diligence and our services are customized to the specialized landscaping needs of each HOA community.

Latest from the Yardnique family scrapbook

If you’re seeing orange around your neighborhood, it’s the Yardnique
landscaping company.

We specialize in making HOA communities beautiful.

  • Landscape design and maintenance services are customized for each HOA community
  • Our equipment is always in excellent working order and is only used for the HOA communities we service
  • No blade of grass is ever left behind and certainly not on the sidewalks
  • Every common area is maintained to perfection, enhancing the neighborhood outdoor experience
  • We work with a smile and are always ready to answer every neighbor to help where we can
  • Irrigation systems are always in tip-top shape
  • HOA’s get an industry-exclusive “Orange Landscaping Performance Report” after every location visit, so you always know where things stand

So, what’s with all the orange with the Yardnique team?

Did you know?
One tree planted can save 48 lbs of CO2 per year!

Leaving our mark on Yardnique HOA communities

Orange is vibrant and fresh. It’s a naturally-occurring color that brings a smile to most. And it’s in that spirit that Yardnique associates it with our culture and people. Made you smile, didn’t we.