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Landscape service that makes municipalities shine

Cities and towns have diverse landscape design, installation, and maintenance requirements. Official buildings and locations must embody inviting qualities that only well-maintained landscapes can provide. Our teams can accommodate municipal properties including buildings, parks, medians, fire/police stations, libraries, and other community facilities. 

We know the importance of planning, safety, and clear communication to municipal customers. A dedicated account manager keeps you informed of all work statuses, and we take a disciplined approach to meet town, city, and county budgeting processes.

Bring a little orange to your city or town

We are skilled landscape designers, horticulturists, floriculturists, and maintenance professionals who possess the necessary experience to work with municipalities. We know how to navigate unique budgeting and reporting processes. Our crews meet all regulatory and safety requirements, and we take all necessary steps for working on government properties and public grounds.

  • Turf, tree, and shrub maintenance
  • Public space landscape planning and health
  • Seasonal planting and installation
  • Enhancements and plant replacement
  • Water conservation and irrigation management
  • Environmentally safe fertilization
  • Soil testing, plant selection, and installation
  • Pruning, mulching, and storm water discharge

Professional landscape maintenance promotes sustainability and responsible green practices. We are a reliable landscape partner for municipal customers with landscape services that will always radiate the quality of your community. 

Humble roots for healthy growth

It all started in 1997, and now, as one of the largest landscape organizations in the nation, we still stand firm on a foundation of respect, passion, and accountability for the work we do and the relationships we build.

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