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We embrace our responsibility to employ design and maintenance techniques that create landscapes responsive to the environment. As we continue to grow our business across the nation, we also grow our sustainability programs and train our people to learn best practices for landscape installation and maintenance. 

  • Use of electric lawn care equipment when appropriate.
  • Use of indigenous plant varieties native to the geographic region.
  • Implementation of Argo turf and plant health programs.
  • Install and maintain water efficient systems

Creating thriving yet functional landscapes while also implementing sustainable care programs has lasting impact on our environment. It is our goal to continue to evolve our sustainable landscape design, installation and maintenance services to protect the natural value and health of the communities we serve. 

Environmentally-conscious landscape design

There are a variety of green practices that can be utilized to promote environmentally sound turf, vegetation and plant life. Below are some considerations that can be integrated into commercial landscape planning.

  • Native and drought-tolerant plants require less water and are more pest resistant.
  • Using pavers with an absorbent quality help to decrease storm water run-off.
  • Reduce turf maintenance by implementing wildflower and meadow gardens.
  • Installation of rain gardens has various water management and soil health benefits.
  • Using Integrated Pest Management practices excludes use of harmful chemical substances.
  • Slightly taller mowing heights increase shading and promotes deeper root systems.
  • Use of perennial plant beds an eco-friendly alternative to annual plant beds.
There are many considerations for creating and maintaining sustainable landscapes. We work with commercial property managers to determine how best to adopt green landscape solutions for office parks, retail centers, multifamily properties and HOAs.

Sustain your career

If you’re ready to jumpstart your career with one of the leading sustainable landscape maintenance and installation companies in the nation, then we want to hear from you. Whether on the crew maintaining landscapes for our customers, in business development or managing accounts, we offer excellent pay, benefits and an unmatched work culture.

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