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Thriving trees are essential to every landscape

Trees are one of the most noticeable and important elements of any landscape. They add depth, beauty, and make a significant contribution to a property’s overall appearance. Our tree service team includes ISA certified arborists who are educated and trained in all aspects of Arboriculture. 


  • Tree selection, planning, and pruning
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Tree removal and relocation
  • Fertilization, disease, and pest management
  • Protection and planning


Our team of tree experts and certified arborists work proactively to mitigate disease risk and will recommend corrective action when necessary. Yardnique and its wholly owned companies provide reliable tree service so your trees will benefit from years of healthy growth.

Healthy trees mean beautiful landscapes

Tree Care and Protection

We are specialists dedicated to long-term tree health. Whether for ornamental appeal, as a buffer, or for shade, we can assist with tree selection, planting, removal, and maintenance for trees of all sizes.



Tree Care Maintenance

From reducing your properties liability risk to developing planting, pruning, and maintenance plans, our team provides care through all stages of the tree life cycle. 



Tree Removal & Relocation

Knowing when and where to relocate and remove trees limits liability exposure and adds value to your property. Our certified arborists will assist with proper removal and relocation decisions.



Tree Fertilization and Disease

Proactive identification of disease or pest problems in trees is vital for the long-term life of trees. We will recommend the proper care regimen to protect these valuable, life breathing assets.

Serious customer commitments

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