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Fertilization programs to keep turf green and lush

Proper application of fertilizer provides the appropriate nutrients to ensure a healthy green appearance, minimize runoff, mitigate weed and pest problems, and to properly absorb rainwater. Fertilization planning varies depending on climate and micro-climate conditions but likely will consist of a minimum of four applications per year. 



We conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate mix of nutrients and active ingredients for each seasonal application. We assess local growing conditions and take soil samples to determine the right fertilization method and timing of each application. Our horticulture experts will determine the optimal plan for all plant varieties and grass types. 

Healthy grass, shrubs, and trees start underground

Thriving landscapes result from healthy root systems and nutrient rich soil. As the temperatures vary and seasons change, turf, trees, and plants experience cycles of growth, reproduction, and dormancy. A proper fertilization plan accounts for seasonal and climatic conditions with a safe chemical mix designed specifically for your property’s landscape.

  • Seasonal lawn, turf, and shrub treatment
  • Periodic soil pH testing as necessary
  • Targeted weed, pest, and disease treatments
  • Custom blended, nutrient rich fertilizers
  • Preventative, pre-emergent weed treatments
  • Supplemental treatments as required

Fertilization is a process to protect the health of your landscapes, and we only use fertilizer’s that are environmentally safe.

The signs of starving landscapes

Plants, grass, and trees are much like people in that when they are starving and lacking proper nutrition, you can see the signs.


  • Stunted growth of plants or light green discoloration of leaves indicate a lack of nitrogen
  • Purple hues or darker green discoloration with browning leaf tips indicate a lack of phosphorus.
  • Leaves with small spots and leaf tips that yellow and curl likely mean a lack of potassium.
  • Dead branches or smaller and fewer leaves may be signal of tree health issues.
  • Turf with weed growth or browning indicates a lack of nutrients and potentially pests or disease.

Landscapes maintained to perfection

Our maintenance and installation teams are the best on the ground - mowing, edging, pruning, mulching, planting, fertilizing, and doing whatever it takes to keep your landscapes in excellent condition.

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