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Yardnique’s roots date back to 1997 when Brian DuMont started a lawn mowing service as a means to make money to complete his Horticulture degree at North Carolina State University. Today, Yardnique employs over 2,000 landscape experts and is the fastest growing family of landscape companies in the nation, ranked as the 23rd largest by Lawn and Landscape magazine.


The Yardnique family of companies includes wholly owned, full-service commercial landscape brands that operate across the southeast including Landmark, Naturescapes, Phoenix, Native Green, and Creative.

The best 
landscapes on earth

Culture is an essential element of our continued growth. We are deliberate in our efforts to maintain an entrepreneurial and responsive dynamic that few companies can match. We embrace our core focus and shared values that we live up to each and every day and reward our people accordingly. 

Our core focus

Create an opportunity driven environment by building a great company that is surrounded by great people that create great results.



Our shared values

Yardnique landscapes will always radiate the quality of the communities we serve.


We are always extremely responsive, on time, and our work is always exceptional.


We respect each other, our customers, and the environment.



We love what we do and wake up every day excited about our work.


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