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Superb service tailored for HOA boards and property managers.

Yardnique specializes in HOA community landscape design, maintenance and preservation for HOA boards, property managers, and residential developers. Our goal is to protect the quality, lifestyle and environmental standards of your community in a manner that will delight homeowners, maximize curb appeal and enhance community value. 

Our service to HOAs and property managers is truly Yardnique

Everything we do, every blade of grass we touch, every hedge we trim and every community we enhance, you can be sure it will be genuinely Yardnique. The service we provide to HOA communities is unlike service provided by any other commercial landscape company in the industry. When it’s Yardnique, HOA boards and property managers rest easy knowing:

  • Yardnique personnel always show up on time
  • All personnel are properly trained and certified as required
  • We respect each resident and treat them as our individual customer
  • Grounds are proactively cared for and improvements made as appropriate
  • All equipment is up-to-date and is of the highest standards
  • Best practices are followed for grounds care, fertilization and pest management
  • Best-in-class communication to meet the unique needs of your HOA
  • Dedicated HOA account manager always on-call

The beauty of the HOA community – the health of the turf, shrubs and trees and the quality of all beds and common areas must meet all standards set forth by each HOA.  We use sustainable products and view your community as another small contribution to how we can make a better environment for all, most importantly community residents.

Communication tools exclusive to HOAs and property managers

Communications to HOA boards and property management teams has always been paramount and critical to maintaining long-term relationships. We are proud that many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years.  When working with Yardnique, here is what you can expect:

  • Landscape assessment
    A comprehensive landscape assessment of the entire community that identifies all areas to be addressed, potential problem areas and recommendations for improvement.
  • Monthly landscape review
    A monthly landscape review is conducted to assess crew performance, quality control and that we meet the expectations of the HOA board and community residents.
  • Weekly quality checks
    Upon completion of all weekly maintenance, we conduct internal quality checks to ensure all services are complete, issues addressed, and improvements made.
  • Quarterly inspection and improvement plan
    We work collaboratively with HOA boards and community property managers to establish a quarterly improvement plan for all grounds, irrigation and lightscapes.
  • Resident door tag
    Any time services are completed or there are impending services that may affect residents, we place a door tag on each home to keep them informed.

Commitment to Excellence for HOA Service

We know landscape maintenance is an HOA’s largest expense and community appearance is essential to resident satisfaction, attracting new residents and to contribute to home values. Our people, equipment and services are all focused around the landscaping needs of HOA communities to protect and nurture the quality of the living environment.

  • Landscape design and maintenance services are customized for each HOA community 
  • Commercial-grade equipment is always in excellent working condition 
  • No blade of grass is ever left behind and certainly not on the sidewalks
  • Every common area enhances the neighborhood outdoor experience 
  • We work with a smile and always ready to answer neighborhood questions and to lend a helping hand 
  • Irrigation systems are always in tip-top shape 
  • HOA clients get the exclusive Orange Landscaping Performance Report

Stay informed with the Orange Report

HOA board members and property manager are always kept up to date landscape and grounds care services with the exclusive Yardnique Orange Report.  It’s another way we provide worry-free service and to make we meet the unique expectations of each HOA community.

Need a landscape installation

If you need an immediate landscape installation on your property, our team stands ready to complete the job so you don’t have to worry.

Get an estimate today and we’ll be ready to go to work tomorrow.

Need a landscape installation

If you need an immediate landscape installation on your property, our team stands ready to complete the job so you don’t have to worry.

Get an estimate today and we’ll be ready to go to work tomorrow.