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With over a decade of service to the RTP area and a highly skilled staff of over 400 employees, Yard-Nique is able to respond to any landscape need. Our professional staff is prepared to assist you with design services, new installations, renovations and ongoing maintenance. We strive to deliver high quality and honest service at a fair and competitive price

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Yard-Nique Ranked No. 62 On LM150 List Of Largest Landscape Companies

Landscape Management released its 2016 LM150 list of the largest landscape companies ranked by 2015 revenue. Yard-Nique ranked No. 62 on the list, up from 74 in 2015.

The landscape industry’s largest 150 revenue-generating firms logged a combined $9.3 billion in 2015 annual revenue—a 10 percent increase from last year’s list. Overall, LM150 companies averaged a 16 percent growth rate from 2014 to 2015.

“Congratulations to Yard-Nique and all the companies on this year’s LM150 list,” said Marisa Palmieri, editor of Landscape Management. “The firms on this list represent the top 1 percent of the landscape industry. It’s an honor to be among them.”

Check out the full list here

Summer Insects

The sun is out and summer is upon us. With warm temperatures come the creepy crawly insects. Bugs can directly harm your landscape. We want to bring your attention to a couple of these little critters to look out for in your landscape this summer.

One pest to look for this month is Japanese beetles. Around the beginning of June is when you will see this beetle coming out of the ground.
Japanese beetle photo: Japanese Beetle Japbeetle.jpgThis insect flies around and loves to devour your beloved Crepe Myrtles, Roses, Plum trees, Japanese maples, Cherry trees, and red buds. They typically feed between the leaf veins, giving the foliage a skeletonized look. A good way to guard your plants is to kill the beetles in grub form before they emerge out of the soil. You can also kill them by spraying a contact pesticide or a systemic chemical that lingers within the plant. Typically you can find these pesticides at your home depot or local garden store.


Carolina Preserve Earth Day 2016


On Saturday June 14th, after a few scheduling changes due to inclement weather, Yard-Nique hosted an Earth Day celebration for the residents of Carolina Preserve in Bradford Hall.

With help from the property management company, Landarc, we were able to provide a cookout with hamburgers and hotdogs for the people that attended the event. The event included presentations on Ornamentals and Turf Pests, provided by our very own Tony Gregory. Tony discussed common pests that we experience in the industry, how to recognize them in the landscape, and management practices that the homeowners can use.

Yard-Nique also conducted a Container Gardening Seminar in which our landscape designer, Bobby Jones, talked about planter design ideas, how to create a container garden, and answered questions from the homeowners. During the discussions a planter was put together that was raffled off to one of the attendees. The planter was delivered to her home and placed in a location of her liking. All the food and plant material for the event was provided by Yard-Nique.


Yard-Nique President Speaks at NCSU

Brian Dumont speaking at NCSU

Yard-Nique’s President, Brian Dumont, had the opportunity to speak to future landscaping professionals at a North Carolina State University Landscape Construction class being taught by Mr. R. Lee Ivy.

Brian was able to pass on knowledge gleaned from his experience building Yard-Nique, and discussed topics such as developing and nurturing relationships with clients, acquiring bids, job estimation and work scheduling. Brian also used Yard-Nique’s Installation Division as a case study and detailed how it is setup to perform to Yard-Nique’s exacting standards.

Yard-Nique Acquisitions Strategy Gets National Notice

This September, Lawn and Landscape Magazine published an article entitled “Acquisitions from the buyer’s perspective“. The article discusses two landscaping companies that have made mergers a part of their growth strategy. Yard-Nique is one of those companies.

Some of the ideas discussed in the article include how Yard-Nique finds new companies to acquire, how to get buy in at a new company from employees at all levels, and how to make the new venture successful.

Check out the full article here.


Yard News:

Summer Insects

The sun is out and summer is upon us. With warm temperatures come the creepy crawly insects. Bugs can directly harm your landscape. We want to bring your attention to a couple of these little critters to look out for in your landscape this summer. One pest to look for this month is Japanese beetles. […]

Does Landscaping Help Your Property Value?

We’ve all heard the term “curb appeal” on those TV shows that talk about selling, or buying, a house.  But, does landscaping actually help increase the value of your home? Diana Dietz of www.parjustlisted.com wrote an interesting article about this topic. To us the answer seems obvious but check out the article here to see […]

Liquid vs Granular Fertilizer for Annual Flowers

Anyone who has visited a garden center or plant nursery looking for a fertilizer to give their summer annuals a nutritional boost has probably had the daunting task of wading through product after product to find just the right blend. It can be quite the educational experience as well as a frustrating one. Here, we […]


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