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With over a decade of service to the RTP area and a highly skilled staff of over 300 employees, Yard-Nique is able to respond to any landscape need. Our professional staff is prepared to assist you with design services, new installations, renovations and ongoing maintenance. Whether your job is a SMALL residential renovation project or a MAJOR commercial site, we deliver high quality and honest service at a fair and competitive price.

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Built to Honor on 9-11-14

Operation Coming Home 2014Yard-Nique is honored to be able to participate in Built to Honor, an amazing endeavor in which local home builders and contractors build homes for severely wounded combat veteran and their families. The homes are custom built to accommodate the specific needs of the disabled veteran, thus allowing them to lead as normal a life as possible following such a life changing event.Read more about this excellent event and Yard-Nique’s distinct honor to be able to give back to a combat wounded veteran by clicking here.

Two of Yard-Nique’s Own Discuss Positive Methods To Ensure Timely Payments

Jenny Moore

Jenny Moore

Bill DuMont

Bill DuMont

Lawn and Landscape Magazine wrote an extensive article about how to handle Accounts Receivables in the landscaping business. As with most businesses, this can be a large problem for landscaping firms. Handle it well, and your business flourishes. Handle it poorly, and your business fails.

The article featured the techniques of three major landscaping firms and Yard-Nique was one of them! They interviewed Jenny Moore, and Bill DuMont about how Yard-Nique keeps its outstanding Accounts Receivable low. Jenny and Bill discuss how they maintain a personal relationship with each client, large and small, and keep the communication flowing constantly so there are no surprises on either side of the table.

Congratulations Jenny and Bill for being so great at what you do and for being featured in this article.

Read the entire article here!

Yard-Nique Featured in Lawn & Landscape Article: Strategy for Growth During Economic Downturn

landlarticle2On the heels of making their Top 100 list, Lawn & Landscape published a feature article about Yard-Nique and the unique strategy it used during the economic downturn to grow exponentially while other companies failed. You can read the full article here.

The article is an interview with Brian DuMont, Yard-Nique’s CEO, in which he recounts a professor telling him in his freshman year of college that if he was in the landscaping profession to make money he might as well walk out the door. Brian disproved that notion, big time, and this article tells us a little bit about how he did it.

Yard-Nique #84 in Lawn & Landscape Top 100!

top100shield-small1Yard-Nique, Inc ranked #84 on the 2014 Lawn & Landscape Top 100 list, which was published in May and sponsored by Exmark Manufacturing.

Being counted among the top 100 largest landscape companies in the United States is an extreme honor.

“These 100 companies represent some of the best in the entire country, and have achieved a level of growth that a very small percentage of the industry can claim,” said Lawn & Landscape Editor and Associate Publisher Chuck Bowen. “The Top 100 is a very exclusive club, and being named to the list is a real honor. The companies on this year’s list are examples of tremendous dedication and hard work.”

We are proud of our employees and thankful to our clients for helping us achieve this goal. Check out the whole list here.

Yard-Nique Hosts Earth Day Celebration in Carolina Preserve!

Carolina Preserve Residents Enjoying an Earth Day CookoutOn April 26th the Yard-Nique team hosted an Earth Day celebration in Carolina Preserve in Cary, NC. The event was held outdoors from noon to 4pm behind Bradford Hall, the community clubhouse.

Yard-Nique hosted a plant sale with discounted pricing and a great selection of shrubs, annuals and perennials, a cookout for the residents and 2 container gardening demonstrations and raffles. There were also other giveaway items from Yard-Nique.

It was a beautiful spring day and over 100 residents turned out for this event which we now host each year.

Here are some pictures of Carolina Preserve residents and Yard-Nique staff enjoying a gorgeous Earth Day

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